Save money while you support your nonprofit community ambulance service!

For one annual fee, you and your loved ones receive emergency care and emergency ambulance transport at no cost to you!

EMSPlus is an ambulance service membership program offered by your local nonprofit ambulance service. By joining EMSPlus, you are supporting your community ambulance service and potentially saving money if you or your family ever needs an ambulance in an emergency. EMSPlus members have no out-of-pocket expense for medically necessary ambulance and paramedic service, even if they have no insurance. It’s easy to join and you can join anytime. Once you are a member, we will send you renewal information once a year.

EMSPlus Membership Benefits

  • No out-of-pocket costs for emergency ambulance transports
  • Supports your nonprofit community ambulance service
  • Coverage in southeast and south central Michigan
  • Great for seniors without supplemental insurance

When you or your covered family members travel in southeast and south central Michigan, EMSPlus covers emergency ambulance transports to the closest and most appropriate hospital. To use your EMSPlus membership, you must be transported by one of the following ambulance services:

  • Huron Valley Ambulance
  • Jackson Community Ambulance
  • Monroe Community Ambulance
  • Lenawee Community Ambulance
  • Albion Community Ambulance

EMSPlus covers you in all these places:


City of Albion
Albion Township
Clarence Township
Homer Township
Homer Village
Sheridan Township




City of Adrian
Britton Village
Cambridge Township
Clinton Township
Clinton Village
Franklin Township
Macon Township
Onsted Village
Raisin Township
Ridgeway Township
Rome Township
City of Tecumseh
Tecumseh Township


Green Oak Township




Lyon Township
City of New Hudson
City of South Lyon
City of Wixom


City of Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor Township
Augusta Township
Barton Hills Village
Bridgewater Township
City of Chelsea
Dexter Township
Dexter Village
Freedom Township
Lima Township
Lodi Township
Lyndon Township
Manchester Township
Manchester Village
City of Milan
Northfield Township
Pittsfield Township
Salem Township
City of Saline
Scio Township
Sharon Township
Superior Township
Sylvan Township
Webster Township
York Township
City of Ypsilanti
Ypsilanti Township


City of Belleville
Huron Township
City of Plymouth
Plymouth Township
Sumpter Township
Van Buren Township

EMSPlus Membership Agreement 

EMSPlus brochure 


What about non-emergency service?

EMSPlus covers medically necessary nonemergency stretcher ambulance transportation to and from hospitals within a 40-mile radius of your home. Patients must be confined to bed with no other appropriate transportation to medical care. Visits to physicians, dentists, physical therapy centers and pharmacies are not covered. Dialysis patients must have prior approval.

What is considered medically necessary?

Medically necessary ground ambulance service is the specific need for emergency care or stretcher ambulance transportation to and from a hospital where other forms of transportation would be medically inappropriate given the patient’s condition.

Won't insurance pay ambulance bills?

Some insurance plans do not cover the full cost of ambulance and paramedic services. Non-members are responsible for all costs not covered by insurance. EMSPlus members never have to pay out-of-pocket costs for ambulance service that falls within program guidelines. If you don't have health insurance or your health insurance doesn't fully cover ambulance service, EMSPlus is for you.

If I am an EMSPlus member, why do you bill my insurance company?

EMSPlus is not an insurance program. EMSPlus membership fees do not cover the actual cost of service. Acceptance of insurance reimbursement allows us to keep the cost of membership affordable for everyone and provides us with essential funds to maintain and improve services. For medically necessary transports, we bill your insurance and then cover what insurance doesn't.

Need an application? Have a question? 

Phone 1-888-463-7587

EMSPlus Membership Rates

Senior Citizen/Senior Couple - $32/year

Where one or both members are 65 or older

Individual/Family – insured - $44/year

An individual or family* who has health insurance that partly covers emergency ambulance transports

Individual/Family – not insured - $64/year

An individual or family* who does not have health insurance that partly covers emergency ambulance transports

* A family is the primary applicant and any of the following living at the residence listed on the membership application:

  • Primary applicant’s immediate family
  • Primary applicant’s dependent children under the age of 25
  • Anyone claimed as a dependent on the primary applicant’s income tax
  • Foreign exchange students

A membership program from your local ambulance service: