Consolidated Services

Municipal governments are under pressure to consolidate services. Emergent Health Partners has been consolidating services for years.

Emergent Health is the regional, nonprofit parent organization of the following:

  • Six high quality, accredited ambulance and health transportation services in southeast and south central Michigan.
  • Emergent EMS Education – paramedic, EMT, emergency first responder and community education programs. The paramedic program is one of only three nationally accredited programs in Michigan.
  • Emergent Communications – a centralized 9-1-1 call center that provides dispatching of both emergency and non-emergency ambulances and direct dispatching for 13 fire departments in Washtenaw County. All of the ambulance dispatchers are licensed EMS professionals with additional certification in emergency medical and fire dispatching.

Emergent also dispatches non-emergency transports in wheelchair vans and buses for various community partnerships. Other call center services include healthcare answering services and patient monitoring services.

Emergent Health achieves economies‐of‐scale through:

  • Fluid deployment of ambulances across municipal boundaries
  • Maximum utilization: assigning more ambulances to emergencies during peak 9‐1‐1 usage periods while transporting non‐emergency patients during slower periods. 90% of our ambulances are emergency paramedic units so they can handle both types of calls.
  • Cost-effective group purchasing of vehicles, life support equipment and supplies
  • Emergent Communications — providing medical self-help instructions to 9‐1‐1 callers and relieving the burden on fire and police dispatch centers.
  • Distributing overhead costs (for dispatching, billing, education, administration and more) over a large volume of calls, about 138,000 calls annually

No tax support

Some individual cities and townships provide paramedic ambulance service directly. They require tax subsidies in addition to the ambulance fees they collect. Emergent Health Partners’ ambulance and dispatch services are a public/private partnership that breaks even without municipal subsidies.