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On the payment page, please type ‘Donation’ in the ‘Invoice or Call Number’ box.

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Your gift supports a strong and reliable EMS service.

Our mission at LifeCare Ambulance is to provide quality pre-hospital care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whenever we are needed.

For nearly four decades, we have provided pre-hospital and emergency care to our communities. We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this without the support of our donors! 

Make a gift today that will go directly toward our EMS operations and education, strengthening our ability to serve our communities now and well into the future.

Thank you for your generosity. You are making a difference in your community.

On the payment page, please type ‘Donation’ in the ‘Invoice or Call Number’ box.

LifeCare Ambulance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.

Due to the CARES Act, taxpayers who don’t itemize deductions may take a charitable deduction of up to $600 for cash contributions made in 2021 to qualifying organizations. Learn more >>

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Help support your local ambulance service. 

Your gift will go toward our EMS operations, making a direct impact on your community.