Registration for the Fall 2024 course opens on July 15!

Anatomy & Physiology

Fully online asynchronous course

A pre-requisite for the Paramedic training program

Strongly encouraged to be taken with the EMT program

The Anatomy & Physiology for Paramedics course introduces students to necessary medical terminology as well as the structure and functions of the human body.

This A&P course is specifically designed for students who plan to pursue paramedic training through the HVA Center for EMS Education. It may be taken simultaneously with the EMT program.

Upcoming A&P Classes

Course Dates

  • A&P classes are held each January, May, and September
  • Registration typically opens six weeks before the start of class.

Fall 2024 A & P Class

September 9, 2024 – December 16, 2024

Registration:  July 15 – August 20, or until the course reaches capacity.

Our A&P for Paramedics course is a 15-week, fully online, independent asynchronous course. Students are responsible for staying on schedule and up-to-date with coursework.

This course must be passed for admittance into the paramedic program.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition: $900

+ an additional cost for the textbook and workbook. (around $120)


  • Tuition is due in full at registration
  • Please review our Tuition Refund Policy before registering.
  • A 10% tuition discount is available for first responders (police/fire/EMS). 
  • Emergent Health Partners employees take the A&P course at no charge. 
  • Please get in touch with us for information on the first responder or employee discount:

Admission Requirements

This course cannot be taken at the same time as the paramedic course.

Course Information

This course focuses on:

  • Terminology relating to human anatomy and physiology
  • The structure, functions, and systems of the human body
  • Major organ systems and their association with health and disease.
  • Giving students a basic understanding of pathophysiology and diseases as they apply to pre-hospital emergency care.

What is Anatomy & Physiology?

Anatomy & Physiology – commonly called A&P – is the study of the structure of the human body and the function of these structures. 

The knowledge gained in this course is essential for EMS providers as it gives you a valuable understanding of how the human body functions when it is healthy and how diseases, injuries, and other ailments can affect those functions.

This course will also educate you on proper medical terminology and give you the needed knowledge to successfully complete paramedic training.


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